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Solutions & Capabilities

Professional Engineering

With submittal lead times in the range of days rather than weeks, our engineering process has been streamlined to allow for quick turnarounds without sacrificing quality. Automation, research, and development are our top priorities allowing us to provide next-generation tank products in a fraction of the time. Licensed in all 50 states.

Unrivaled Products

At Element 13, we offer products with precision and durability that is unmatched by any other on the market. Advanced finite element analysis and refined optimization mean our products will be stronger, faster to install, safer, and more cost-effective than alternative designs. For more information please reach out to one of our representatives on the Contact page.

Dedicated Installation

We prioritize safety at Element 13. Our dedicated construction administrators are trained with the industry’s best practices and our products are engineered to minimize field hazards. All crews are managed by certified professional project managers ensuring every job is performed properly every time.

Custom Solutions

Element 13's in-house engineering team develops solutions to even the most complex problems. From equipment support structures and foundation design to fluid flow and piping stress analysis, let us help you find exactly what you need. For a full list of engineering capabilities reach out to us at

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