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Element 13 brings its expertise to a wide range of applications while developing the future of tank products. 

Aluminum Domes

Element 13’s innovative design process for Aluminum Geodesic Domes offers a bolt-together design that prioritizes speed to market, durability, weather resistance, and custom configurations for every client’s objectives. We support a variety of industry applications in Wastewater, Municipal, and Oil and Gas markets.

Flat Panel Covers

Element 13’s Extruded Aluminum Flat Panel Covers are lightweight and allow for effortless removal and maintenance. We offer flush mounted or top mounted connection styles that substantially seal vapors and abate odors. Our covers can be designed for increased loading in any geographical region.

Internal Floating Roofs

Element 13’s Internal Floating Roofs (IFR) provide reduced product loss, increased operating capacity, and emission mitigation. Element 13 offers a variety of IFR types including hybrid stainless, cable suspension, and full contact options. Our Primary and Secondary Seal Systems’ straightforward design maintains integrity across a wide range of rim spaces and allows for ease of installation.

Cryogenic Insulation Decks

Element 13’s Cryogenic Insulation Decks feature a lightweight mechanically fastened construction that eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming hot work. This results in a reduced critical path for LNG and LPG projects, saving resources and minimizing safety hazards. This type of design has a proven track record of unmatched longevity in a range of applications. 
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